Fabulous Gifts

In this section you will find some of our small unique cakes at special prices that can be given as gifts. They consist of cakes and goodies for 2 to 15 servings. The cakes can be made in any color but each size shown is standard. You can choose your flavor and fillings. Cakes are two or 3 layers. Inquire about the size and amount of servings for each gift. They all have individual boxes. Your choice of a ribbon color is $1 more. (Must order 4 or more miniature cakes)

Heart shaped miniature Cake $14                         Heart shaped miniature Cake $14
Chocolate Shoe $40

   Heart and Rose Cupcakes $3.65 ( Must order 12) 

                                      Ask about a combination of all Yankee cakes
Yankee Miniature Cakes $15.00 each (must order 4 or more) Yankee Hat and Shirt, Yankee Logo

Yankee Baseball 15.00 (must order 6 or more)                  Yankee cupcakes $4.00(must order 12 or more)

Tiffany Cake with Open Box and Jewelry $45                        Small Cupcake Bouquet $35 (4 cupcakes) 

 Small Cupcake Bouquet $45 (6 cupcakes)    Daisy Miniature Cake $15          


  Tiffany Pearls $15                           Tiffany Gift Box  $12                      Sun Burst Miniature Cake $14 

                  Gift Box Cake $40                                                  Sm.Gift Box  cake $14 (any color)

         Coffee Miniature Cake $30                    Small Chocolate Cake $35$35                       

  Made in just about  any color $12 each (must order 4 or more)